You vs. You is a popular term used in your everyday life. But what does it mean? New intimidations and difficulties follow us each day. Every day you challenge yourself for many little things, that you can’t do or you don’t want to do!

Fighting yourself isn’t easier when it comes to accomplishing the goals that can take you beyond success.

If you’re one of them, who are striving against yourself to make your dreams reality, then read these 05 strategies about how to fight yourself and win the battle against YOU!


1. Know About Your Fears



Living with fears without knowing it, is the worst situation. So, the first step you all need to do is be aware of your fears. What is holding you back? What makes you afraid of taking initiative? What are your biggest fears? Know your fears, and move ahead!


2. Attack Your Fears


After knowing your fears, next thing is defeating these fears that are stopping you from achieving your goals. Take a step, attack your fears and leave them behind.


3. Stop Living in Your Past



Get out of your past and think of your present and future. Failure is not the end of the war. It’s the start of your new battle and this time you will win the battle and will make your dreams come true. Get a life you always wanted to have. Boost yourself to do better than your past.



4. Prepare Yourself for Next Fight


Once you get out of your past and start living your present to make a dream future, you are building new challenges for yourself. And this time you need to prepare yourself for upcoming competitions. Don’t be troubled, be prepared and keep fighting.

What is your next goal?



5. You Can Do It





How many times a day you tell yourself that you can’t? Yes, a lot more than you realize. Prepare yourself mentally for success before working hard. Believe in yourself and let the magic happen.

You can do it, and you will. 🙂

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