Depression can steal joy from your life. It can leave you with stress and loneliness, by disconnecting you from with the people and pursuits you love most. Depression is beatable, with the recovery of your happiness and peace-of-mind.  There are dozens of strategies with one goal that can break this chain of depression without using any drugs.

Let’s break this chain by following these easy home strategies.


1. Do things that make you good



Nobody can force you to have fun, only you can push yourself to do things that make you feel good. Pick up any old hobby you like to do. Try to express yourself through anything like music, writing or art. You will start feeling good, not at once, but gradually it will lift you up and make you full of energy.

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2. Spend some time in nature



Research has shown that spending time in nature can be as effective as medication. To get maximum benefits, try to spend almost 30 minutes in nature. Spending time in nature boosts your energy and happiness. Even if you live near to nature and green space then you are less likely to get depressed.


3. Avoid thinking negative



When you feel weak and powerless, negativity takes place in your mind. It puts a spin on everything, including the way you look at everything. You have to cop with this negativity and avoid this negativity. Try to find positive points in every situation.

4. Eat a healthy diet



Never skip your meals whether it’s your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Minimize the intake of sugar and carbohydrates. Try to take diet including more Vit-B because deficiency of different B vitamins like folic acid also put you in depression. You can take citrus fruit, eggs, leafy greens, chicken and beans.


5. Talk to one person about your feelings regularly



Expressing yourself about your feelings is the best tool to deal with depression. When it comes to talking with your loved ones, it helps to organize you and your thoughts. Sometimes it enough to have only one person whom you can share your every little thing. Talk and share your feelings.


6. Try relaxing techniques



Meditation is a proven tool for reducing stress issues. Relaxing your muscles, yoga and different exercises can help you for coping with depression. Act as a quick mood booster and make you feel joyful. Take out some time for yourself and meditate to relax.

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If you find these strategies helpful, share it with your loved ones.