Coconut oil is a versatile health food among all the food items. It has been classified as a superfood, having many uses as natural medicine. It is also being used for beauty treatments and many more things.

Do you know, it also known as “The Tree of Life”? Meeting with all needs of life, unlike any other food.

Here are some amazing uses for coconut oil.


Skin & Hair Uses:


1. Use as moisturizing lotion

Coconut oil is being used as a completely natural moisturizing lotion. It prevents skin dryness and flakiness, keeping it moisturized. Also helps in treating dermatitis in atrophic areas.


2. Use as a makeup remover

It fulfills the basic need of every girl for removing her makeup. Take a ball of cotton and put a few drops of coconut oil. It neatens the skin unlike of any synthetic makeup remover.


3. Use as body Scrub

You can make a body scrub at home by using coconut oil with brown sugar and few drops of any essential oil. Scrub this paste on your body for few minutes and then wash it. Making your skin all smooth and fresh.


4. Use for scalp infections

On the other hand, it is being used as an antibacterial and antifungal treatment for scalp infections as well. These infections damage hair and reduce growth.


5. Use as a natural conditioner

It helps to get shiny and healthy hair because it contains vitamin K and Iron. Rub coconut oil in dry hair, let it absorb for some time and take a shower and enjoy your shiny hair.

Let’s treat your hair with this bliss. 😊


Health Uses:  

1. Increase your metabolism

It increases the number of calories burned by an average in 24 hours. Also, people who consume coconut oil are healthier compared to those who don’t. It contains dietary fibers that help in metabolism.

2. Improve blood cholesterol

Coconut oil maintains blood cholesterol in the body and lowers the risk of heart diseases. It improves the good HDL cholesterol in the body and controls the bad LDL cholesterol, subsequently helping in cardiovascular problems.

3. Fight bacteria

Coconut has lauric acid that helps in fighting against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Undoubtedly, keeping the infections away.

4. Help mineralizing teeth

It’s been used as antiseptic mouthwash. Swishing with coconut oil improves dental health and reduce the inflammation and plaques in youngers.

5. Used for weight loss

As discussed previously, it increases the metabolism of the body so without a doubt it may reduce the body weight. Taking two tablespoons of coconut oil per day, decrease the waist size subsequently.

Hope you like these amazing uses of coconut oil. Give your feedback in comments!  🙂