Choosing a lipstick shades is the most difficult task for many women.

A wrong shade can kill the beauty of the look.

The right choice of lipstick depends on many factors:

Skin Tone: Every skin type needs a different shade of lipstick.

Lipstick Texture: Different texture of lipstick are available, nowadays matte is the perfect option.

The occasion: Everyday routine shades require lighter shades than a brighter shade.

Let’s find out best lipstick shades of 2019!


1. Coral Pink In Matte


Coral pink is the best option for everyday wear. It is a lighter shade for women having fair toned skin. Matte Coral Pink gives a very natural look.


2. Burgundy


Here is another color that is considered as the best option for cold weather. It pairs perfectly with changing of the weather from summer to winters. It also creates a perfect look for every occasion.


3. Classic Red


Every lipstick collection must-have classic red lipstick in it. This color is so bold and dominant. But make sure that this lipstick shade suits with your tone and hair color, before taking a step outside.


4. Strawberry Pink


This color is taken as a rite of passage to womanhood. Every little girl dream of wearing it. This color also makes you live in your comfort zone. Must try this color for a fantastic look.


5. Toasted Almond Brown


Want to have a warmer look? Go for Brown Lipstick Shade. It gives a natural look to your lips, and make you feel nice and comfortable.


6. Vampy Plum


To show your mysterious side, try this dark shade. But don’t apply it more than its required amount so you look like a Halloween Costume. Apply it slowly as much as you need, especially with your black dress.

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7. Red Rose


For a grown-up and sophisticated look, no shade is better than Red Rose. It gives you a subtle look for any occasion. Give it a try.

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Which color is your favorite? Tell us in comments.