Everyone wants to have a home where every wall is beautifully decorated with art and craft. Art gives shape to our personality. Nobody likes to have boring walls in their homes. So, let’s have some DIY art ideas that are just very easy and inexpensive so that you won’t have to put any struggle for them. Also, you don’t need to be an artist to make your walls creative by using these art ideas.

So, here is simplest, yet best DIY art ideas for the walls of your sweet home!


1. Use Different Shoeboxes



Well, here it goes with creative people, they make crafts with the stuff that is considered trash by other people. It is one of very simple and inexpensive idea to make your walls beautiful. You can make different colorful shelves on your wall by using old shoeboxes in your home.

All you need is:

  1. Paint
  2. Decorative paper
  3. Mod Podge / Glue

You can use your own photos to make customized shoeboxes shelves for your room


2. Use Your Clipboards



Using clipboards to decorate your wall is just so amazing. You can use a different pattern of clipboards designs available in any stationary shop. Kitchen is most probably the best place to have clipboards on its walls with written to-to-list or any other grocery-list.

All you need is clipboard and any written list – quotes or posters.


3. Oh, You Can Use Old Crayons



You can use your old crayons to make your walls look amazing. Melt your old crayons by using any heating source, most probably hairdryer, and let them spread on canvas or any other sketching paper.

So, melted crayons and canvases are the best combinations for decorating your walls!


4. Hello, Leaves and Flowers



Yes, you can use leaves and flowers for your walls. But how? You really don’t need to be a botanical artist to do this, its very simple when you dry some leaves and flowers and paste them in a frame by using glue or mod podge.

Let’s see what we need to make it done;

  1. Dried leaves and flowers
  2. Glue / Mod Podge
  3. Frame

The method is very simple, paste these leaves and flowers in any frame of your own choice or press them on a glass frame without using glue.

Woah, this is how you made it up!


5. Paint Your Canvas Dark to Light / Ombre Painting



Well, it is a very quick and easy method of painting. You don’t need to have those artistic skills to make it done.

Get a canvas and paint (Acrylic Paint would be a good option!)

Now all you have to do is drawing colors from dark to light shade on canvas.

Learn more on how to paint ombre walls!


6. Use Fabric over Blank Canvas




If you got a blank canvas and a beautiful piece of fabric, your wall is all ready to have a perfect look. You need to cover all canvas with the fabric, from all the sides.

If you want to use mod podge for this purpose then you need to paint the back of fabric before applying any adhering material.

Did you like these DIY art ideas for home wall decorations? Share with your friends and family and tell us about your ideas in the comments! 🙂

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