The desire to have a perfect handbag while going to any event makes women to buy the most amazing bags in the world. It must highlight our ensemble so that we look sophisticated and elegant. Every woman loves to keep different bags with all other accessories because women can never have enough of them!


While shopping for handbags, fabric, and quality of bags along with design should be in consideration. But, thanks to these brands, that have made our life easier while selecting perfect handbag for your perfect dress. So whether you are looking for an everyday bag or something for a special event, we have the most popular handbags brands for you.


Take a look at our top 05 handbags brands in the world to find the best handbag brand for you!



1. Prada

The Prada brand was created in 1913 by Mr. Mario Prada, specializing in leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, and other fashion accessories.

It is one of the most expensive brands considered a great choice for an artistic look. They have the best selling bags available in the market. On your most casual days, a Prada bag can give you an extra boost to go out and slay it.


2. Louis Vuitton

Founded by Louis Vuitton, a French fashion house and luxury retail company. They have timeless and elegant bags. If you’re going for an event, or just want to treat yourself, then an LV bag is the best option so far.

Don’t wait and get your hands on LV bags!


3. Chanel

Chanel provides you extra beauty with elegance. It’s founded in 1909 by Coco Chanel aimed to provide you high-quality material and sophisticated looks. Their bags are major

goals for ladies to carry the best bags in the crowd.


4. Gucci

It’s always fun to say “I’m carrying the Gucci bag”. Gucci bags leave you with fabulous feelings every single day. This Italian luxury brand of fashion provides the best leather products in the world. From Tote handbag to Light Pink Crocodile Shoulder bag, everything is just so amazing.


5. Hermès

Hermès is recognized as a French fashion luxury goods specializing in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishing, perfumes, jewelry, and watches. You may also like these products!

Hermès handbags are the perfect statement piece in any outfit. Their bags can turn up every look. They are known for iconic luxury bags.


6. Calvin Klein

Calvin Richard Klein launched this company who was a fashion designer, specialized in leather accessories. Their all products including handbags exemplified bold and practical lifestyle.

Take your essentials wherever you go, with CK chic bags.


7. Fendi

The Fendi brand launched ninety years ago in the heart of Rome. This company is well known for luxuries leather products. They are committed to providing stylish and colorful designs for perfect handbags – clutch or tote.


8. Burberry

21 – Years old Thomas Burberry launched this brand for the breathable, weatherproof, hardwearing fabric. Their handbags will surely re-energize your wardrobe.

The Crush and tote bag in iconic style and brightly colored designs make you perfect for all the casual looks.

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