People are now more conscious about their shoe wears than ever before.  One must understand the different needs of a good shoe including strength, quality, style, design, and comfort before buying shoes for themselves. There are many brands who are providing very good quality of shoes with the best designs and comfort.

Let’s see the top 05 shoe brands who are very famous for innovative designs of shoes that are very comfortable for everyone.


1. Adidas

 best shoes in the world


Adidas is a German Company founded by Adolf Dassler. It is serving its costumers since 1924. It has used many technologies to provide high quality and comfort of its products. It is one of a famous manufacturer for different shoe types like casual, sports or trendy shoes. It is also serving poeple by offering many other accessories along with footwear.


2. Nike

 best shoes in the world


Nike is an American Company founded in 1964 by Phil Knight. It is best known for athlete shoes, all stylish and comfortable. It is a very decent and well-reputed brand in the whole world. Its footwears are attractive, durable and expensive. (Worth spending money on it).  It is also designing and manufacturing all accessories of sports. Providing sports kit to some official cricket teams. Well known brand as it has gained the trust of many celebrities.


3. Puma

 best shoes in the world


Puma is a German Company founded by its founder Rudolf Dassler in the year of 1948. It is manufacturing sports shoes and casual footwear, famous for its durability, and comfortability. It is sponsoring deals with many celebrities like Salena Gomez, Collin Jackson, Hand many others.


4. Reebok

 best shoes in the world


Reebok is working as a subsidiary of Adidas since 2005. It is founded in 1958 in Bolton, the United Kingdom by Joseph William Foster, Jeff Foster. It is famous for sportswear including clothing and footwear. It has earned its name by providing a high quality of footwear and apparels.


5. New Balance

 best shoes in the world


New Balance is an International Corporation based in Boston. It is founded in 1961, maintaining its name as sports footwear and apparel manufacturer. It is also providing men and women shoes with apparels and shoes for kids. The company is expanding its services outside the US as well.